Pastor Kirk

Matthew KirkPastor

Matthew became the pastor of the Turlock Seventh-day Adventist Church in June of 2015

Secretary Lorene

Lorene BelkoChurch Secretary

Lorene graduated from Union College with a B.S. degree in Music Education. She taught a few years and realized that really was not her calling, so she began working as a secretary. Before moving from the Denver area to Turlock she worked for the College Board. After moving to Turlock one of the first things that happened was a request from the pastor that Lorene become the secretary at the church.

The job has evolved from answering the telephone and typing the bulletin, to a great deal more responsibility. Among her responsibilities are knowing the standards, policies and procedures within the Turlock Church, being sensitive to the interrelationship of both people and functions within the organization, and keeping sensitive and/or personal information absolutely confidential.

Lorene enjoys reading and studying the Bible, her family, music, sewing garments, quilting, and cross stitch. She and Ivan enjoy traveling, and have had the privilege of traveling around the world during the time the Belko Brass was playing for evangelistic meetings.

One of her favorite Bible texts is Ephesians 1:18-20.

Cross Trainer Amy

Amy ConleyCross Trainer

Amy grew up in Northern California. She worked as a horse trainer, and riding instructor. Growing up she a passion for Jesus and wanted to learn more about how to share her faith with others.

So in the Spring of 2010 God lead Amy to attended the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism where she learned practical ways to share her faith. After graduation in the fall she started working here at the Turlock Adventist church as the Cross Trainer.

Amy loves to teach others how to share their faith. She also loves showing others how to have a meaningful relationship with Jesus and study the Bible. In her spare time she loves horseback riding, hiking, four wheeling, camping, drawing and photography.

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